Its as easy as 1,2,3.


Register your boarding house

Registering your boarding house is as simple as clicking the button below.


We advertise for you

From there we will enagage your clients for you and direct them to your doorstep. How do we advertise ?


Sit back and relax

Sit and wait for your tenants to come to you. Whats in it for us?

How We Advertise

Social media advertising

Our team focuses on making sure that you get the best, from facebook to twitter we will make sure that you are everywhere.                         

Non digital advertising

Whatever it takes posters or billboards,  we will make sure that you are seen and noticed.

Whats in it for us

A once off 10% commission charge on the first payment every student we acquire for you makes.

The charge is once off and should be sent to us immediately each student pays for the space, to avoid your account from being deactivated. All payments will be made directly to you, We do not take any payments on your behalf. For more information contact us directly.


Note that:

Isograft is not responsible for any damage or any losses inaccrred, it is left to you to evalute all students that are reffered to you.